Hello. My name is Kaleb Nekumanesh. I am a passionate game designer with a focus on level design.

I am a very passionate player of the Halo franchise, on board ever since I got my first Xbox around the time Halo 2 came out. Since then I have enjoyed playing and analyzing the games as well as developing levels in the Forge Editor. Recently, with the Halo Forge PC Editor released with Halo 5, I was excited to develop levels within the Halo Engine with an interesting PC interface. You can see those levels I developed below:

Multi Player:

Hello. My name is Kaleb Nekumanesh. I am a passionate game designer with a focus on level design.

When The Last of Us Part II released its gameplay trailer, I thought it would be an interesting time to study, learn, and put into practice the great level design techniques that Naughty Dog has created. I decided to take 10 days (aside from my day job, of course) to study a level of The Last of Us Part I, consider the new vertical type gameplay of Part II, and design a level that could exist in The Last of Us’ universe…

The conglomerate that will destroy your soul.

Cookie Clicker is a game by Polygon and designed by Julien Thiennot. The objective of the game is to click the cookie to produce cookies while setting up systems to increase the number of cookies produced per second. Cookie Clicker is an idle type of game where direct attention is not needed throughout the playtime of the game therefore does not need player input the entire length of the game. Cookie Clicker is designed for low pressure management of a growing cookie company. Affordances include clicking on the cookie or buttons on the right side of the screen for upgrades…

Context means everything.

This War of Mine is a 2D side-scrolling survival game about the horrors of war through the eyes of civilians. Although This War of Mine has gamist mechanics and reward structures, the game is heavily narrativist. This is because while there is a way to ‘win’ and to earn rewards, if the player has no interest in the narrative of the game, they will not understand and appreciate the meaning of the game, and therefore, the game will be much easier. If players don’t care about the narrative, they can kill, steal, and do whatever is necessary to win and…

A game with no meaningful purpose or heuristics.

Battlefield 4 is a game that was not enjoyed by many people. This analysis will discuss why people disengage from the storytelling of battlefield and why, ultimately, it is not as successful as other games.

Battlefield 4 Trailer

The Battlefield series developed by EA has always been a difficult game to enjoy. The objective of Battlefield’s design is to have open ended maps for large warfare scenes and a multiplayer focus with realism. …

The following contains major spoilers for Life Is Strange.

It was not too long ago when video games did not need stories. A designer of a game would create a game mechanic then structure a narrative around that mechanic, if there was even a story the designer wanted to tell. But now, games have evolved technologically, and with that, artistically. With new technologies coming to market, designers are more free to create an interesting medium different than any other. However, games are notorious for having laughable or non-existent stories and voice acting, which turns away most players from video games…

Hello guys,

As a student at DigiPen, we write analysis reports on several games that include how they work and why they work. We decided to post them here. If you like it, we will post more. Thanks!

Peggle is a game for PC, Mobile, and Xbox 360. The objective of the game is to hit all the red pegs on the screen with a limited number of balls. The visual aesthetics of the game is designed to be friendly to a wide range of people with the innocent looking animals and calm orchestral soundtrack. But when you get into…

Kaleb Nekumanesh

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